Brides Up North – Featured Bride to Be

21 Feb

As many of you already know I was lucky enough to win the beautiful Flo & Percy Clarice headpiece via the wonderful Brides Up North wedding blog (I STILL can’t thank Julia enough!). I have never won anything before so when I read on the blog that I was a winner I couldn’t contain my excitement. My fiance was very happy but couldn’t get as excited as me as I couldn’t actually show him what I had won. He’s just going to have to wait til the big day!

Soon after winning the Flo & Percy competition I was asked by Julia at Brides Up North if I wanted to be a featured bride to be on her blog. DOUBLE EXCITEMENT! I had so much fun reminiscing and filling in the questions that Julia asked me and found myself getting a bit carried away. Talking too much is a habit of mine but when it comes to talking about weddings I never stop!

For those of you who would like to see my feature on the Brides Up North blog click here. I would love to know what you think! Also, please follow the Brides Up North blog, it is a fantastic read for all of us Northern future brides!


One Response to “Brides Up North – Featured Bride to Be”

  1. Julia February 21, 2011 at 12:57 pm #

    Thanks Laura, I am so glad you love your Flo & Percy head piece and that you like the Brides Up North blog so much! Keep reading.

    Brides Up North

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