3 Mar

After a couple of very sleepy, not very nice and non productive days on the wedding front I’d like to take a minute to write this post to help myself get back on track. So… here is a little non wedding related musing to hopefully make you (and me) smile. After all, smiling and laugher really are the best medicine!

Tom at a family friend’s wedding in Scotland. I have no idea what the mask is meant to be but I caught Tom off guard with the camera, he looks pretty pee’d off under that mask!


A cute little sheep that I befriended at a local farm. I wanted to take it home but Tom wouldn’t let me. Boooo!


Tilly our little baby kitty when she was tiny. She’s nearly fully grown now but looking at her baby pictures makes me go “daaawwww.”


My big brother and his future wife.


I do not have a clue who this guy is but my friend tagged me as him on facebook and I actually nearly wet my pants. He’s incredible… and I LOVE his hair do!


The cross eyed possum. Speaks for itself really 🙂


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