A Day to Spoil Your Parents? Part I

11 Mar

Sometimes I am a big believer to tradition… only sometimes!  Most people say that your big day is all about you. This is true however when it comes to gifts for your wedding party I think that a thoughtful present is nice gesture to say thank you for being part of our day. A gift can be as extravagant as you’d like depending on your budget however in the case of your parents contributing a lot to your wedding I believe it is only fair to splash out as much as possible on your beloved mum and dad. Not at all in a ‘tit for tat’ way, just because they deserve to be spoilt! Us daughters can be an extremely pleasurable yet an expensive commodity for parents and after all, one of the first things that probably popped into your dad’s head on the day of your birth is “well we better get saving for the wedding!” All joking aside, your wedding is the day when your parents are handing you over as their baby girl to the man that you love. A gift that means a lot to them will be a token for you to show your love for them and to say a huge thank you for supporting you throughout the good and the bad, up until your special day. Obviously I understand that the situation with some parents is a difficult one for example in the case of my hubby to be who’s dad is no longer with us or for brides whos parents are no longer together. This doesn’t mean that your parents still can’t be acknowledged if you would like them to be.

So, now the time is approaching to our big day I’d like to share with you some ideas for gifts for your parents starting with pressies for your dad – something that he can keep and treasure as a keepsake from your wedding day.

For your dad:


These lovely silver cufflinks are by Button and Bean and can be found at the ever lovely gift website Not on the Highstreet. It says on the website that “these fingerprint cufflinks have been known to make a grown man cry” and what better day to bring tears to your dad’s eyes than on your wedding day?! Yes you’re a grown woman and it might seem a little bit odd giving your dad an inprint of your finger prints but as long as you’re your father’s daughter you’ll always be his baby girl! A lovely touching token of love for the father of the bride.

Your dad could always find use for this funky leather Vintage Striped Credit Card Case by Paul Smith. As well as holding cards it also has a gorgeous purple lined pocket for cash. Made in Italy, it is perfect for any fashionista dad!



Picture the little green box, the bright white ribbon tied in the signature bow and the beaming smile on your face as you hand it over to your dad. It can only be a box from Tiffanys & Co. This Tiffany 1837 Compass would make a perfect gift for any man into his travelling, walking or nautical ventures! My dad was a captain in the merchant navy so this would take him back to his roots and bring back memories of fun times navigating his ships. As stunning as it is it is also a practical present that would never see your dad lost!

For the gadget and music loving dad how about an engraved ipod? If bought through the online Apple store the engraving is offered as a free added extra. Not only will your dad be able to listen to his favourite tunes wherever he goes, he’ll also have a portable reminder of your big day!

Another gem from Button and Bean at Not on the High Street.  These silver personalised message cufflinks can be given to your dad on your wedding morning and the senitmental message will be with him all day. Whatever you would like to say to your dad why not say it in something that he can cherish forever?


This Taylors of Old Bond Street brown leather grooming box from Selfridges is gorgeous, perfect for any man who takes pride in his appreance. It contains a victorian style Mach3 razor, an imitation ivory comb, all the lotions and potions a man needs for that perfect shave and a badger hair (yes you did read that right – badger hair!) travel size shaving brush. Perfect for a dad who has everything – he will always find use for this lovely addition to his beauty routine!

I hope you like my ideas for special wedding day gifts for the father of the bride. Check back soon to see my fab gift ideas for your mum!





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