The (Not So) Simple Things…

27 Mar

I’d like to think that I’m a very headstrong woman who knows what she wants and how to get it however during this wedding planning process I seem to be getting proved wrong from all angles! Take something so simple as choosing wedding music for example. This is something that myself and my fiance are struggling with… big time. “Oh that’s easy!” I hear some of you cry. No, no it’s not.

Chatting with my lovely wedding friends on Twitter this afternoon made me realise that there are so many fitting first dance songs out there but the first decision to make is – do we go with something that means something to us regardless of the lyrics or do we go with something that has the appropriate words but not necessarily a song that we would choose to listen to on a day to day basis?! Argh. The latter would be nice, a song to sing to each other and mean the words but if we don’t KNOW the words or the song what’s the point?

Both myself and my partner are partial to a bit of cheesy pop when the mood feels right but we mainly listen to bands that the masses haven’t heard of. The masses include the majority of our wedding guests! If we did pick a song that means something to us both it’s likely that most of our guests will not have heard it, not inducing the “awwwww” that we would expect from a first dance song. I hope now you’re getting the jist of our dilemma. There is one song that I can think of that both myself and my fiance love, that we listen to, and that would totally fit the requirements of a first dance song – Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. We’re not huge fans of the band, just the song. It’s likely that our guests will know the song hopefully stirring a few tears of cuteness however this song is out of the question. My other half says that it’s cheesy and he’d be embarrassed dancing to it!! If you can’t be cheesy on your wedding day when can you?! His only other suggestions being Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants (Hmmm…) or Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches but not many people will know that. My all time favourite song is My Sharona by The Knack but we can’t exactly bop away to that either! I did suggest doing something completely out of the ordinary – the Jack Rabbit Slim dance from Pulp Fiction but that got a big no. If I’m honest, as much as it would be fun I would actually die inside when it came to doing it so maybe it’s a good thing Tom isn’t too keen on the idea!

Now… the most nervous I have EVER been is on my university graduation day. Walking along the stage to collect my certificate in front of hundreds of people was the most nerve wracking thought ever. I remember waiting at the side of the stage until my name was called out actually wishing the ground would swallow me up whole. I was so focused on getting from one side of the stage to the other that I forgot to acknowledge the chancellor of the university, Virginia Bottomley. Instead of curtseying as instructed I rushed straight past her and off the stage only realising afterwards that I forgot to even look at the woman! I know that I’m going to feel like this on my wedding day when it comes to our first dance. The thought of standing up in front of a lot of people, regardless of being close family and friends, just worries the hell out of me! In fact if it was up to me we wouldn’t even have a first dance. I don’t dance. EVER.

Tom however wants us to have a first dance and at the end of the day there are two people getting married and the special day belongs to us both. If Tom wants to enjoy a first dance I’ll do it. I just wish we could both find and agree on a song to do it to! Not only is there the first dance song to choose there are the other pieces of music such as my entrance music and a long piece of music for when we are signing the register. All of which we are completely stuck on. Any suggestions please feel free to get in touch!

Laura x


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