Bride to Be: Sara Weddingsparrow

4 Apr

It’s always great to read about other bride to be’s as everybodies stories and wedding plans are so different. So for my first real bride to be feature I’d like to introduce the gorgeous Sara. A lot of you will know Sara as Weddingsparrow, a FAB wedding blog that follows Sara’s run up to Saturday 26th May 2012 – the big day.

Tell me about the proposal…

It started on Christmas Eve 2009. In our house, everything gets left to the last minute, the wrapping of the presents therefore naturally gets left until the last possible day. When I was asked to vacate the living room to leave him to wrap my presents, I thought nothing of it. Whilst I was tidying up in the bedroom, I stumbled across a receipt… a WHSmith receipt. Nothing out of the ordinary until I noticed it had ‘Fiance Christmas Card’ written on the item description. Going to sleep that night took a herculean effort on my part, let me tell you. I kept watching to see if he had trouble sleeping too. Maybe he had something on his mind?? Apparently not. Not long after finally drifting off, I was awoken to the sound of the boy getting up out of bed and going for his ‘grandad wee’ (you know, where they can’t go through the night without having to empty their bladder). Then he creeps back in with a little something in a jewellers bag. This was all circumstantial at this point and my imagination was running wild with all the possibilities considering I was viewing this with one eye squinting and the other eye shut pretending to be asleep….

He placed the bag on my bedside table along with a card and went back to sleep. Hmm…. if falling asleep before took herculean effort, I deserved an Olympic medal made of solid gold to fall back asleep this time! See, I wanted him to have his moment and let him say what he wanted to say without the pressure of a screaming banshee jumping up and down shouting ‘YES, YES, YES!’ before he’d even asked. So when I woke up and ‘discovered’ the present that Father Christmas had left me, it went without a hitch.


What has been the best/worst thing about wedding planning so far?

The best thing about planning the wedding has been the creativity that you can acheive. Sometimes I view it as more like interior design when I’m planning the tables and flowers etc so when you have so much choice, the world is your oyster. When else in life do you get to plan and organise pretty much anything you want? Here comes the worst part of the wedding planning – the indecision. Thanks to so much choice when it comes to wedding planning, how do you make a decision? Some people already have an idea in their heads before they are even engaged and maybe this is where I went wrong. I read magazines and style blogs and get inundated with pretty ideas. Distinguishing which are ‘me’ is something else altogether. I’m working on it…

Have you found THE dress yet?

Unfortunately not (insert sad face here!). I have been to 6 different shops so far and tried on about 10 dresses. I have been called fussy and unrealistic by the people I shopped with (think I’ll be going by myself in future!) as I am looking for a particular style. I haven’t ruled out other styles and have tried on different types just to see if they look better on than they do off, but I am still sticking to my initial plan 🙂

What do you have planned for your hen do?

The future sister-in-law is planning my hen do as she is my maid of honour. Being a self-proclaimed control freak, this worries me somewhat! My ideal night out would be sans ‘L’ plates, veils and giant inflatable willies. I would love to get dressed up in a nice dress and heels, go for dinner at my favourite restaurant, then to a couple of bars and finally a club where we have a table reserved and can dance the night away around our handbags! Very civilised I know, but I’m sure the level of alcohol consumed alone will lower the tone for us…

Where are you honeymooning?

No firm plans as of yet. As we are paying for our wedding ourselves, all of our money and savings is being put into the wedding pot so we are planning on asking kindly for donations to the honeymoon fund from guests at the wedding. Even if people can’t donate, we will just have to save again once the wedding is over for the honeymoon. We are planning a 3 week trip along the west coast of the USA taking in the sights of LA, Santa Monica, Malibu, San Fransisco and Yosemite National Park.

Hopes & aspirations for the future as mr & mrs?

To be honest, I have no preconceptions about how are life will or will not change after getting married. I expect it to be exactly the same as it is now with good days and bad days. I’m sure I will still get annoyed when he uses the last of something and doesn’t tell me, when he leaves his clothes all over the house, and when he loses his wallet and car keys for the fiftieth time that week. As I am sure he will be annoyed that I put the big light on in the living room instead of the lamps, I forget to put a towel down on the floor where the shower leaks and I constantly ask him to do ‘techy’ related things to my site when he is busy. A little insight into the Sparrow household for you! In the future, we hope to continue to set up home and have a family of our own. We’re simple people with simple aspirations!

Big thank yous to Sara for sharing your wedding plans with us and I wish you and Mr Weddingsparrow all the best for the future!! Cannot WAIT to see the photos of your special day.

Laura x


2 Responses to “Bride to Be: Sara Weddingsparrow”

  1. weddingsparrow April 5, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    Thanks for having me as your guest on your fab-a-rooney blog! 🙂

    • BonfireNightBride April 5, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

      thank YOU for letting me have you chick! x

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