Something as small as chair covers…

12 Apr

It seems like such a small decision but I’ve been trying to decide on whether to have chair covers or not for the past few months. When I’ve seem them in the past they’ve just appeared to be too modern and not the right style for our wedding. I’ve also never really been a fan of them… until my mum found a great company called Coloured Linen Hire that is.

The chairs at Danby Castle are blue and gold and have up until recently been thinking that the blue will tone in with our purple and gold colour scheme but upon trying to picture the set up with all of our decorations etc I was thinking it might be a bit too much. Yes people will be sitting ON the chairs so the blue seat pads won’t be visible once people are seated but they’ll be visible when people are walking into the room and in my opinion first impressions do count. I’m not a very fussy person but I do like things to match.

My mum got in touch with Coloured Linen Hire and they were more than helpful. Straight away they sent my mum swatches of material and organza to see if they are right for us. Having worked in retail in the past I’m a stickler for good customer service and always like to use companies that appear interested and helpful in you as a customer so when they offered to send us some samples of chair covers that they offer I was more than happy to try them out. My mum had explained to them my dilemma of having them or not so they sent us their Brocade cover and their Millenium cover. Now even with how they appear on the website I still am not a huge fan so seeing them in the flesh really was what was going to sway my decision either way.

Being true to form and not doing things by half I decided to take the ‘seeing them in the flesh’ one step further! Last night myself, my mum, Tom and Daisy pup took a trip up to Danby Castle to try the chair covers out. How they fit on the chairs and how they suited them venue were things that could only be gauged by visting our venue itself. I felt a bit silly contacting Carolyn to see if we could pop up (I say “pop up,” more like make a 3 and a half hour round trip) after work just to try out a possible chair cover but like I said – first impressions count! Needless to say, they long journey was a successful one – it was fab to catch up with the lovely Carolyn and we are going with the gorgeous gold brocade chair covers as they suit the venue perfectly!


(Obviously they’ll look better on the day but just to get the idea…)


One Response to “Something as small as chair covers…”

  1. vintagebridetobe April 14, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    These have got to be the nicest chair covers i’ve seen. I wasn’t going to have any as like you I thought they were too modern but if I can find some like this I will! Xxx

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