Bride to Be: Emma

17 Apr

After enjoying hearing all about my first bride to be, Sara Weddingsparrow and her plans for her big day I would like to introduce another gorgeous future bride – Emma. Some of you may recognise Emma as the very talented lady behind the bespoke vintage button holes and bouquets by Cute as a Button.


We would love to know the story of how you met and when you knew he was ‘the one.’
We first meet in 2006 when I went to meet a friend at a gig James was playing in Brighton where I lived. James went to school with my friend.
We didn’t meet again until 2008 and both our personal circumstances were very different. James’ band, Brigade was supporting a band that I liked called Aiden so my friend said he’d come along with me so he could see James. After the gig we all stood around talking and we hit it off straight away. We added each other on Facebook and started talking regularly and as he was on tour with Fightstar I went along to a few more of their gigs. We then swapped phone numbers and a few months later I went to see them play at Download Festival and from that point on, we were a couple. I think I knew he was the one within a couple of weeks of us being together. We had been talking pretty much everyday as friends (with a bit of flirting!) for about 6 months and we had got to know each other pretty well. It just felt so right us being a couple and we moved in together after just a few months. I moved from Brighton to Suffolk to be with him so I guess I knew by then that he was “The One”.
How did the proposal go?
According to James the proposal didn’t go to plan! But how it happened had us written all over it! James said he been building up to asking me for a while but was waiting for the right time. It came to Xmas Eve, he had been working all day and decided that he was going to do it when he got home. I had the day off work and had spoken to our good friend Bob, who also had the day off and invited him round for a drink. So when james got home and saw Bob, he decided that he couldn’t do it! Also, as I had no idea what was going on, I had told our friend Jo that she could stay here Xmas Eve rather than getting a cab home after going to the pub. So, Xmas day morning came and we had to be at Church to be with James family by 10am which was half an hour away. We didn’t get up til 9am! Jo left, and in that half an hour window, in our dressing gowns, as I walked into the front room taking my makeup off from the night before! (naughty I know!), James got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket andI kept repeating “what ya doing, what ya doing” (I obviously knew what was coming but was completely taken by surprise!) to which he replied (a little confused!) “well I was going to ask you to marry me!” I then shouted yes and told him to get up, we hugged kissed and rushed out the house! Im not normally speechless but I was silent all day xmas day. I was just sooooo happy I couldn’t do anything other than grin!
When and where is the big day ?
The big day is at 12pm, 12th May, 2012.
Do you have a theme for your wedding?
Our theme is a bit of a mixture of Rockabilly and vintage.
What has been the best and worst things about wedding planning so far?
I must admit the worse thing about the planning so far has been family arguments that already exists within my family. I wont go into to details as everyone has their sides and I try to understand both but it can make it very emotionally draining when it comes to your guestlist. You try to please everyone, but thats impossible, so we decided that we would do what we wanted and hope that people would respect that. However by doing that you inevitably hurt someone.
Have you found THE dress yet?
Yes I have! I found it on my first wedding dress trip! Now I didn’t by any means plan to by my dress this far in advance. We were just going to try on the style that I had my heart set on (1950’s swing dress) to see if it suited me. I did try one on and it looked lovely but didn’t blow me away! We went and had a look round so vintage shops in Camden and I tried on a few different styles and decided that an original vintage dress was what I wanted. The last dress I tried on that day was the one! It’s an original 1950’s handmade, lace dress. It cost £40! Which makes it even more special. I will say though, its a style that I hadn’t even considered! But I love it!
What do you have planned for your hen do?
Not quite sure yet! However I have decided that I’m going to have one night out where everyone can come and then a weekend in a cottage maybe with my close girlie friends.
Where are you honeymooning?
We not sure yet! There’s lots of ideas floating round but it all depends how much money we have left after everything for the wedding is booked.
What are your hopes and aspirations for the future as Mr & Mrs?
I know it may sound sickening, but all I want for us as a couple is it to stay the way it is now. His my best friend and such an amazing person. We get on so well, we’ve only had 5 arguments in 3 years! I feel our relationship is pretty much perfect just as it so I don’t want marriage to change that and I don’t think it will. I see us getting married as a way of showing him just how much I adore and love him. Obviously I’d like us to do all the other grown up things like babies and buying a house, but as for our relationship, my aspiration is for it to say just how it is!
Such a lovely cute couple eh?! Thank you so much Emma for sharing your story and wedding plans with us.
Laura x

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