A Photographers Playground

8 May

Today we met with our amazing wedding photographer, Nick White at our venue, Danby Castle. Nick is an old friend of both of my brothers who we met on the off chance at a mutual friend’s house a couple of Christmases ago. He came over to speak to Tom and I being the friendly chap that he is and he mentioned he was a wedding photographer. (Handy as we’d only just got engaged!) He asked my name and then realised I was his old friends Lee & Paul’s little sister. After a long catch up over a few drinks Tom and I went home that night, looked up Nick’s website and knew straight away that he was the man for us. Once again, as with finding our wedding venue, he was the first photographer we’d looked at and the last. His friendly, approachable and trendy attitude were a winner with us and we didn’t need to look any further.

I emailed Nick last week to see if we could arrange meeting up at some point before the wedding and it just so happened that he was in Whitby celebrating his dad’s 60th birthday so kindly offered to spend an hour or so with us at Danby Castle. Lovely considering he was up north from London with his family, not for business.

Not having seen Nick since meeting at our friends on Boxing Day 2009 he greeted us with a hug and big smiles, like a long lost friend. Carolyn had already shown Nick the Court Room where our ceremony will be so by the time we arrived Nick was ready to see the surrounding ruins of the castle. He was like a kid in a sweetshop with his artistic cogs ticking away in his head. He said that Danby Castle was much more beautiful than he expected and an absolute perfect venue for a photographer to make come to life.

Meeting up with him today was not just another big job ticked off our list, it was exciting and fantastic to see Nick’s reactions to such a gorgeous, unique venue that we’re proud to be having as our wedding venue.

Laura x


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