Bride to Be: Laura, the “Bridestock” Bride

26 May

I absolutely love hearing the stories of other brides to be and have to admit, people who approach their wedding with a good sense of humour are my fave! Meet Laura, a future bride with a very cool, quirky and chilled out sounding big day…

How did you meet and when you knew he was ‘the one’?

David and I met in a sticky indie club in Southampton called Lennons, in November last year. Our eyes met as we both mumbled along (whilst tiddled) to ‘This Charming Man’ by the Smiths and boom, that was it, literally instant love. We got engaged after 3 months! I knew, within about 2 weeks that this was the person I was going to marry. Both of us have been in long-term relationships before without a sniff of an engagement, but we sort of crashed into each other with an intensity that you can’t explain unless you’ve felt it yourself. We aren’t even particularly alike – I like tattoos, Led Zeppelin, trash tv and have a slight obsession with daschunds. David is cerebral, enjoys the outdoors, is a secret 80s cheese-music fan and former Tory voter (ok I admit it, I used to be too… ). Yet none of our differences, whether in taste or personality, mattered – in fact they highlight how much we fit together, like sticklebricks. Oh, and we both have a healthy appreciation for Jagerbombs!

Was the proposal everything you’d dreamed it would be?

We knew it was going to be somewhat unexpected to most. Maybe not to the people who really knew us as a couple…. we had had many long conversations whilst walking between David’s house and mine about our future, and it was pretty much set in stone that it would be ‘when’ and not ‘if’. my birthday is the 7th of February, the weekend before that we had gone ‘to look at’ rings. I fell in love with a beautiful old diamond ring, the very first one I saw, and though I tried on quite a few others, none matched up to it. so it was bought, but remade in exactly the same style, in rose gold, so it was a mix of the old and the new. incidentally, the jewellers was the same that my parents and grandparents had got their wedding rings from!

So… I knew that The Ring was being made, but I didn’t know when The Actual Proposal was coming. As it happened, it was on my birthday, over a champagne cocktail in a gorgeous bar in Southampton, before we met up with my family for dinner. I couldn’t understand why David was in such an odd mood before we got there! The ring was presented to me in a tiny purse covered with daisies (my absolute favourite) as the final mini-present (I had been given flowers, a tiny knitted dog on a key-ring etc). David was facing into the room while I faced the wall and I’m told that the entire bar/restaurant staff had gathered at the bar behind me to watch! It was such a surprise, and so thoughtfully done. I couldn’t have been happier, and floated on air off to dinner with all the family to proudly show it off.

When and where is the big day?

The Big Day is going to be on 4th August 2012, in a tiny village in Hampshire called East Stratton. We stumbled on the village while we were going to check out a field which was up for hire as a possible reception venue, went for lunch in the local pub (the AMAZING Northbrook Arms) and somehow got adopted into village life. Before we knew it we had gone into the local church (All Saints) which is left unlocked as the village hasn’t had a crime in over 80 years, met the vicar, and booked our wedding!

Do you have a theme for your wedding?

‘Bridestock’! We’re having a wedding festival. We have booked a 26 acre field, which we plan to decorate with giant flags, marquees and bunting. There will be at least 4 or 5 of our talented musician friends playing, singing and entertaining though out the day, with a hearty hog roast, afternoon tea in the ‘Chai Acoustic Tent’ (served in the hoards of vintage teapots and cups and saucers I’ve been collecting) and finishing up with a decent party to a rocking band. A fair few of our friends will be camping, though I’d like it logged that at no point have I personally expressed a wish to spend my wedding night in a yurt, despite what my beloved may be saying! At the very end of the evening, we plan to release Japanese lanterns and watch them float off into the night sky.

What have you enjoyed the most about wedding planning so far?

It’s all been so much fun! Other than the obvious trying-to-keep-within-a-budget, we have enjoyed it all soo much. We are luckily surrounded by the most talented friends – artists, musicians, dressmakers – who have been more than happy to get stuck in. Our Save-The-Dates were drawn by one of my bridesmaids, who’s offered to hand-make all of our invitations, another is making the cake, my dress is being made by a family friend, and various of our musical friends will be providing the music. We’re making our own sloe gin to mix with elderflower for the toast, instead of champagne. Oh, and I’m coercing some of the kids from the school I work in into making bunting, which will be for the school fete (but re-used at Bridestock)!

Have you encountered any problems?

Other than assimilating our ideas with our budget, not yet!

Have you found THE dress yet?

My dress is being made for me by the very talented daughter of one of my mother’s friends. She’s 19 and studying Biochemistry at university, but has made so many fabulous things that I knew she would do me justice. Suffice to say, having tried on as many princessy, sequinned, strapless monstrosities as I have (and felt like the prow of a very large boat in the process), it was an easy decision to make. The dress will be a simple affair, with perhaps a few daisy adornments here and there (I can’t say more, because it’s not fully been decided!).

Do you have any other wedding suppliers booked?

I’d like to say yes… but we’re still at the quote-gathering stage. As far as possible we won’t be using traditional (read over-priced and over-sugared) suppliers.

Do you know what you are doing for your hen do or is it a surprise?

With 9 bridesmaids I will be lucky to get out alive! I have really got no idea, although I know my ladies won’t let me down!

Are you having a dream honeymoon?

Does a few nights camping count?! We haven’t really got that far yet…

What are your hopes for the future as Mr & Mrs?

To stay in love as hard as we fell in love. To still be best friends when we’re old and saggy. To still be able to communicate with only a look, with no words needed. To still laugh at something, then immediately need to let the other know what we’ve seen.

What advice would you give to other future brides to be?

Now, having been in the police for 5 years, I’m no advocate of getting stoned… but good Lor’ don’t some girls need to chill out?! Just relax, as far as I am concerned, it really won’t matter if everything isn’t exactly matching, no one really notices these things (or if they do they are far too anal to be your friend). Having said that, I am slightly concerned about how many pairs of wellies I should lay on, just in case there’s a repeat of Glastonbury 2005…. so maybe just make sure you have a backup plan in case of rain/acts of God/mother-in-law meltdown.

Anything else you would like to tell me?

I’m charting the planning of my wedding festival on my Bridestock blog and on Twitter.

 I also post random things I find which are cute/quirky/I just plain like. 🙂


Laura, your wedding sounds like it’s going to be the perfect mix of every ingredient needed to perfect a unique wedding. Those are definitely some photos I’m gonna need to see!!

Laura x


4 Responses to “Bride to Be: Laura, the “Bridestock” Bride”

  1. Laura May 27, 2011 at 11:20 am #

    Yay! Thankyou for posting! 🙂 xx

  2. Laura May 27, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    🙂 Thankyou honey! x x

    • BonfireNightBride May 27, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

      it’s a pleasure lovely, fully enjoyed reading your plans! xxx


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