Passing on the Baton…

30 May

On Saturday 28th May Tom and I went to his friend Alex’s wedding at St. Paul’s church in Shepley, West Yorkshire. They got engaged late last year in New York after a long “will they, won’t they” relationship and even though I don’t know the bride very well Tom and I had both been looking forward to their wedding as Alex is the first of all of our friends to take the plunge!

We were the first to arrive to the church which gave us some time to have a good chat to the groom. Tom and Alex have been friends for years, they used to work together before and whilst at uni and have been good friends since so it was great to get chance to spend some time with him before the wedding. He said he’d had a few beers the night before which allowed him to sleep well so he was feeling pretty chipper. No extreme nerves or wedding morning disasters! Not long after, more guests started to arrive so we took our seats in the church and left Alex to greet his other guests.

Alex chose to have two best men, his brother who lives and works in New Zealand and his best friend Billy. A lovely touch. The bride, Vicki had three bridemaids – her brother’s wife, Alex’s sister who also lives in New Zealand and her life long best friend.

The wedding was at 1pm and as it got closer to the time I felt myself getting increasingly more nervous for the couple. More so for the bride. I have only met Vicki twice, a few weeks ago the pair came over from Leeds where they live to Hull to stay with us and to see our pup. We had a great weddingy catch up so I felt very apprehensive (but in a good way) waiting to see Vicki in her gown. My hands were shaking and everything. I’m not sure if it hit me that out of mine and Tom’s friends we are next but if I feel like that about somebody I don’t know very well god only knows how I’m going to feel on our own wedding day. It is a scary thought! Vicki arrived on time, was very emotional and her dress glistened in the light as she walked down the aisle. She looked absolutely beautiful.

The wedding went smoothly andafter an hour the couple left the church as Mr & Mrs. It felt really magical… even though they didn’t leave the church together!

The reception and evening party were at Cedar Court in Wakefield. The room was decorated very low key and traditional and the food was lovely! Vicki’s mum had hand stitched each place name individually which must have taken hours but it was a very cute personal touch.

 The speeches were great and very touching – Alex’s brother and best man Adam started his off claiming he was the ‘older and sexier brother,’ breaking down into tears halfway through saying he couldn’t carry on when it came to wishing the couple a happy and long life together. If there was any time in the day when Tom and I could’ve cried it was here but we both managed to keep it together not to embarrass ourselves on a table of people we didn’t know!

Fast forward to the evening celebration, the couple kicked off the night with their first dance to Elton John’s Your Song and even though the hotel’s DJ announced the bride and groom as ‘Alex and Kirsti’ (not Alex and Vicki, DOH!) it was incredibly cute.  This is the part of our wedding that actually terrifies me so to see the happy couple enjoy their first dance so much it kind of made me feel a little bit eased, however my fear will no doubt return on our day!

As the night went on and the booze flowed everyone seemed to let their hair down, a lot! I don’t really drink so struggle to dance when sober. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just cant! Tom on the other hand enjoyed busting a few moves.

This photo was taken just after Alex had come to sit with us for a rest from dancing. Tom and Alex had a bit of male bonding and the cutest part was Alex giving Tom a high five and telling him “You’re next mate,” passing on the wedding baton. This was so sweet, touching yet terrifying!

A MASSIVE congratulations to Alex and Vicki. The day was just perfect for them and we had a great time. It was an honor to be there on their special day.

Laura x


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