Introducing… By Gina

5 Jun

I introduce to you the adorable Gina, a very talented lady and creator of all things fab! Gina has branched out into wedding stationery, jewellery and events planning and I welcome her with open arms to Bonfire Night Bride. Please read on for an insight into the gorgeousness that Gina creates..

 Like most little girls, I dreamt about weddings from a tender age, and I’m now able to become part of making people’s wedding dreams and events become a reality.

I worked as an event planner in hotels for too many years and missed working in the wedding industry after I left – which was a big surprise to me! I decided I’d like to continue to work with weddings but didn’t want the unsocial hours that come with the hotel industry.

It was a drunken idea in a pizza shop at 2.30am one morning that started me thinking that I could run my own business (I wonder how many business ideas have come from a pizza shop?)

 I started with wedding stationery thinking how easy it would be to make and how wrong I was! With lots of practice and shouting at inanimate objects, I had created a range of stationery I was happy with but I didn’t stop there. If I could make stationery, then surely I could make jewellery, and you know what…I can! But of course even that wasn’t enough! I wasn’t using my planning skills that I’d gained in the hotels…now surly people need help and guidance in planning their big day… why couldn’t that help and guidance be from me? So idea number 3 was born. That was 5 years ago now and I have no idea how so much time has passed!


Beautiful stationery designs found at By Gina Stationery, created by Gina herself

A selection of gorgeous goodies on offer at By Gina Jewellery

I have 3 sparkly new websites that went live earlier this year after 6 months of planning. By Gina EventsBy Gina, and By Gina Stationery. The websites have replaced my old tatty one that I built all by myself. But I must admit I love the new ones even more! I also feature handmade wedding stationery and jewellery from other UK designers on my sites and am constantly adding more! I don’t believe is sitting still and love being busy.

A selection of beautiful stationary samples from Ribbons and Tulle, found at By Gina Stationery


Some stunning stationery examples by Lil Guy’s, also found at By Gina Stationery

My aim in life is to have a gorgeous boutique in Tynemouth, were I live. I’d love couples to be able to come in, sit down and talk through all their hopes and dreams for their wedding day in a consultation room. I’d also have a display of all our handmade jewellery and stationery and lots of other handmade items from UK wedding businesses in the boutique. I love to shout about UK handmade…it’s the best!

Well Gina, if you continue the way you are you will have that beautiful boutique where we can come and visit you. I wish you all the best for you and your businesses in the future,

Laura x


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