Introducing… Cute as a Button

11 Jun

In April I featured Emma as a gorgeous bride to be. It is an honour to re-introduce to you the lady herself as the owner of a fab and unique new wedding business, Cute as a Button


I started Cute as a Button in Feb of this year. It all started with me making plans for our own wedding. I had seen a button bouquet online and was insistent that I wanted one. Until I found out how much they were. We’re on a tight budget and I couldn’t warrant spending that much money just on the bouquet.

As our wedding involves a lot of DIY, encouraged by hubby to be, I decided I would give making one a go myself. I was sharing my progress with fellow tweeps on Twitter and thats how I got my first order. I was approached by a fellow bride to be asking if I would consider making her bouquet, and of course I said yes.


With a lot of encouragement from hubby to be, friends, family and tweeps I started up a business Facebook page. Then shortly after that came the Etsy page. We do have a website which is currently being updated. We’ve had a few orders now and business is starting to get quite busy! We’ve just had our first wedding fair too which was great fun and cant wait to do the next one.

All photos courtesy of Emma at Cute as a Button

 I hope in the future that I will be able to develop the business enough that I can work from home full time doing something that I love. I’m always completely overwhelmed when I hear peoples lovely comments about the bouquets. Its something very close to my heart and means so much to hear nice feedback. I never in my wildest dreams thought that getting engaged would carve me out a whole new career path but it has and I’m loving it! 


I absolutely love your creations Emma, I wish you all the luck in the world for Cute as a Button!

Laura x


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