Are we becoming ‘theme’ mad?

14 Jun

When we first started organising our wedding all we knew from the start was the colours that we wanted – rich plum purple and gold, mainly because that shade of purple is my favourite colour. There was no other reason for this but the more we thought about it the more it tied into a wintery November wedding, it was a perfect choice. Other than this we had no idea about how we wanted our wedding to be.

Then came Twitter, a brilliant place for networking withing the wedding industry. I joined up to Twitter about 18 months ago however it’s only this past 6 months or so that I have really got into it, my other half would say ‘become addicted to.’ I have learnt more about weddings from the fab wedding folk on Twitter this past 6 months months than anyone could ever wish to learn through the internet and a search engine! I have met so many lovely wedding suppliers, brides to be and fellow bloggers, to name just a few. Following other brides to be and their wedding planning journies is so special. Comparing notes, sharing photos of each others’ creations, offering tips, big excitement and support for each other is such a great feeling – knowing that others are in the same boat as you and are experiencing the same thoughts, feelings and emotions in the run up to their own wedding day. Let’s face it – how many of the people in your real circle of friends are in this situation? Not many I would think. It is only the people who are going through or have been through what you are going through that really understand.

A thought has recently popped into my head. Being able to see what other brides and suppliers are up to by reading my timeline, chatting with my amazing Twitter friends, scrolling through gorgeousness on my favourite wedding blogs, along with flicking through several great wedding magazines (that I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on along the way) has forced me wonder… when it comes to weddings are we becoming ‘theme’ mad?

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Before I became more educated about weddings, a ‘theme’ to me brought about ideas of the bride dressed as Princess Leia standing across the alter from a storm trooper groom. However, it seems that whenever the word ‘theme’ is mentioned to the modern bride it is more referring to whether she will be going for a vintage vs modern look. An English country tea party type wedding vs a 1920s Hollywood glamour replica. All sound absolutely amazing and would conjur up an ideal wedding however do not feel like you NEED to follow a theme.

Yes weddings are all about the bride and groom, their likes and loves and achieving a day beyond their wildest dreams. If a wedding that follows a strict theme is your thing then that is absolutely great – go for it! However, I just cannot help but feel that sometimes we can get a little too swept up in reaching for that perfect ‘look’ as opposed to enjoying the planning itself and simply making it a day to enjoy. I can imagine that there is a possibility that some brides could be carried away with how their wedding day looks, something might not be the right style or in the right place on the day itself and this could potentially spoil the day for them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in having a day that is purely a union of everything that means something to the happy couple without having to fit into any sort of themed box.

Last week I was with chatting with one of our wedding suppliers who asked those frequently used words – “Are you having a theme?”

My reply? Well, we’re having music from our favourite film and TV programmes – Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Home Alone, Love Actually, Band of Brothers, and Hook (and lots more) as our music for our guests before and during the ceremony, my favourite colour for the bridesmaid dress, food that WE love and that food only, a wedding band that relates to our favourite music and film, a russian doll (as this is what Tom calls me) trinket box thrown in there to hold our wedding rings, a 1950s jukebox, a DJ that plays only music that we like – non of this ‘Oops Upside Your Head Birdy Song Macarena’ rubbish and those little personal decor ideas relating to us then yes we have a theme. That theme is us, the bride and groom, me and tom, her and him.

Moral of my post – don’t feel the need to get too tied into a certain style of wedding as this is the popular thing to do. Enjoy your day the way you want it. Focus it on you. Have the things that you like. Don’t feel like you need to include the things that you don’t like in a view to please others or to shoehorn your wedding into a certain style. Most of all, please just enjoy it!

Laura x


2 Responses to “Are we becoming ‘theme’ mad?”

  1. Amy Georgina June 25, 2011 at 7:56 am #

    Amen! I am so sick of people asking me about a theme. We’re both into our music, so that becomes a bit of a theme, but we keep just saying, the wedding theme is Us, because it’s about the things we love and the things we want in OUR wedding. Some people (my fam) have been a bit horrible, suggesting the day will be a shambles because it’ll be a mix of lots of different styles and stuff, which annoys me really. Who cares about a theme?! So really thanks, for being a wedding blogger who isn’t obsessed with that five letter word!

    • BonfireNightBride June 25, 2011 at 2:05 pm #

      So glad there’s someone out there who agrees, thanks for your comment hun 🙂

      I always thought ours was going to be a bit mix and match too but if it’s all things that relate to you then why does it matter? It’s the only day of your lives that can strictly be all about you and your man so I say go for it and enjoy it! You can have a themed party any time but not a wedding x

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