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14 Jun

When I was contacted by the lovely Jules at Travel with Jules about honeymoon planning it made me think, a honeymoon is a huge part of your wedding day that can often get sidelined in the run up to your big day. Whether you are planning an exotic honeymoon of your dreams, a ‘minimoon’ or a small post wedding break, why not put your trust in someone who can assist you with the most important holiday of your new married lives? 

Vicky was in a hammock under the palm trees and could feel the warm breeze on her skin as she dozed looking out over the turquoise waters to the coral islands beyond … the only noise was the chatter of tropical birds in the trees on the edge of the beach. Bliss ….. but into her head came voices: “your hairdresser has closed and moved to America”; “The wedding car is not going to be available”; “you need to choose the cake decorations and confirm the place settings”; … oh and Great Aunt Ethel’s helped herself to the wedding supply of Sherry!”…. waking in a cold sweat Vicky realised she was still in Suffolk and with three months to go their dream of that tropical island honeymoon was fast slipping away as they had not yet booked it!  Jake had been tasked with booking the honeymoon but he thought Vicky wanted to do it, so neither had actually done anything – when they got engaged 18 months back the honeymoon did not seem a priority…. Luckily Vicky remembered a friend telling her recently that she had gone used a local bespoke travel consultant from ‘Travel With Jules’  who met them outside office hours and talked through their dreams and then put together the perfect tailor made honeymoon for them. Within a week it was all booked and taken care of, leaving them to concentrate on the details of the wedding day itself, safe in the knowledge that their dream honeymoon was ready and waiting for them at the end of all the stress and planning of the big day!  …. Later that day Vicky called Travel With Jules and poured out her worries and frustration.. Julie worked her magic and took that stress away – three months later Vicky & Jake really were in that hammock under the palms!

 If you don’t want to have to settle for second best at the last minute, start planning your honeymoon now!   Many couples, understandably, when they decide to get married, put priority on booking the wedding venue and then sorting out who to invite, booking cars, catering, hairdressers and florists … there is so much to do for that big day.  Yes, the honeymoon may seem a distant reality, but if you leave things too late you might end up booking a package tour to the med as that could be all you think you can afford or you don’t have time to start ringing round hundreds of tour operators or trip into town to go to the high street travel agents. There might be nothing wrong with your package tour, but you may get there to find that instead of the luxury private villa you thought you had booked, you are surrounded by screaming kids in a concrete high rise!

Shopping on the internet, whilst increasingly popular, can be unreliable and in this current economic climate do you want to leave your honeymoon in the lap of the gods or would you rather speak to a friendly person you can trust to organise it all for you!  If you book flights, hotels, transfers and activities from different companies, apart from the stress levels involved in doing all the research and sending your hard earned money all over the place, you may find your honeymoon is at risk, should an airline or tour operator go bust.

With many years travel experience, I have been booking honeymoons for some time now and know what most people want of their once in a lifetime trip.  While most couples do opt for tropical beach destinations, some prefer more adventure or want to combine activities with a bit of beach downtime.  Why not take the opportunity to incorporate into your honeymoon one of your “must do” travels in your life?  If you’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, drive across Australia, see the mountain gorillas, dive in the Caribbean or see penguins in Antarctica, why leave it for ‘later in life’ – do it for your honeymoon!  So think about what you really want, don’t think about the costs for now, drop me a line and let me spend the time trawling through the world of tour operators to piece together a tailor made honeymoon to meet your needs. It doesn’t have to be long haul – try Europe for cosy romantic cottages or private villas overlooking fishing bays, food and wine holidays or even the British Isles if you don’t want to fly anywhere, Scotland and Ireland have some gorgeous small country house hotels and everything from lighthouses to boathouses! Unusual and specialist destination honeymoons are out there waiting to be booked.

 Honeymoon gift vouchers are available and these are really popular.  Many couples already live together when they get married so your wedding guests are usually at a loss as to what to buy as a wedding gift.  Contributing money towards your honeymoon will really help you have the honeymoon of your dreams too.  The difference in price between that bargain break to Greece that you would have compromised on and booked and your perfect destination of the Indian Ocean may not be than out of reach after all!  I’ve known of honeymoon couples who have raised about £2000 towards their travels!  And the more wedding guests you have … the more honey money in the pot!

So what are you waiting for?  Once you’ve set the date, give me a call or drop me an email and I’ll arrange to meet with you and start planning the dream ….. before you know it you’ll be in that tropical hammock with a large cocktail in hand wondering what all the fuss was about!

Speaking as a bride to be I wish I’d known about specialist honeymoon planners like Jules before we booked our honeymoon. If you are deliberating where to go and what to do then get in touch with Travel with Jules!

Laura x

Photos courtesy of Jules at Travel with Jules


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