Happy Father’s Day Dad!

19 Jun

As it’s a day for daddies and all I’d like to take the time to introduce you to my beloved dad Steve. I have always been close to my dad and have to admit that even at 26 I’m still somewhat of a daddy’s girl. When I was little he was a captain in the Merchant Navy and at seperate times my two brothers and I used to go and spend a few days with him on his ships sailing around Europe.  I never went long without seeing my dad even though he was away at sea for most of the year.

At 40 however, more than likely due to his ‘work hard party hard’ seaman’s lifestyle, my dad had a massive heart attack which forced him to leave the job that he loved the most. Being away at sea was a huge part of my dad’s life; he worked out in Vietman during the war shipping out supplies and my mum left all of her studies to go out and join him on the ships. If it was now I suppose my mum would be called a SWAG? Seaman’s Wives and Girlfriends? I still love looking at the Vietman photos of my mum and dad and I have to say it’s pretty cool to have a dad who can actually say the words “back in ‘Nam.” Although he doesn’t ever actually say it, he should!

Upon leaving the Merchant Navy when I was about 5 or 6 my dad took a huge change of direction and answered an advert for a brand new book publishing company. Back then he started out as a distributer delivering books however he has worked his way up to be one of the top managers, working all hours God sends and driving hundreds of thousands of miles a year. When I was about 13 all of my dad’s party hard past, hard work and dedication to his job took it’s toll and he had to have a triple heart bypass. This major life or death surgery was an extremely hard time for all of our family however my dad eventually made a full and healthy recovery and we are so unbelievably thankful for this.

 It can safely be said that my dad is a workoholic who loves his job however he doesn’t hold back in his spare time, spending his hard earned money the way it should be spent – on himself and my mum, once in a lifetime holidays, a lovely house and spoiling  my brothers and I and my 18 month old nephew. He certainly enjoys life.

My dad is the best dad anybody could ask for. He’s fun loving, generous, funny, crude and would do anything for his family. He celebrated his 60th birthday last September with a family holiday to Florida and surprise party. The fact that his friends from all around the globe came to Hull for his party just shows what a popular and loved man my dad is. At the moment he is in Valencia visiting my brother who has followed in my dad’s footsteps and works in the maritime world on super yachts. My brother has just sailed across the Atlantic and my mum and dad have both flown out this morning to see him after not seeing him since last year. The perfect way to spend daddy’s dad.



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