Guest Post – Darling Detailing by Orly Lyndon

23 Jun

Darling Detailing by Orly Lyndon

You are special and you are different. Today is the day when you will marry the person who can hear your heart beat through the noise.

You are not like all the other brides, normally you slip through life, doing what you do, journeying with those you love and those who love you.

Happy to be the supportive friend, sharing in the joy and triumphs, there for the ups and downs always there.

We rely on you to know our true selves and still love us.

You are a treasure truly loved.

Today is extraordinary the world will see you like we do, shining bright and bathed in the glorious light of love.

Yes today is your day to shine; this sunrise belongs to you and your husband to be.

Today is beautiful, wonderful and yours; you see today is your wedding day.

So what’s Love got to do with Darling Detailing? Well you see as a Boutique Wedding Photographer specializing in Intimate Weddings.

I watch love lift and transform ordinary people like you and me, into breath taking moments filled with love and it always starts with the details.


Beautiful words from Orly all about love – the most important ingredient of your wedding day. Without love there would be no need for your celebration of it. You can find more information about Orly and her fabulous wedding photography here.

Laura x


One Response to “Guest Post – Darling Detailing by Orly Lyndon”

  1. Orly Lyndon June 23, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    Looks brill thank you. Every one deserves to be beautiful on their special day.

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