Superb Stationery by Crafty Pagan

30 Jun

Whilst browing through Etsy for some wonderfully unique wedding inspiration I stumbled across the fabulous Crafty Pagan, a handmade stationery company based near Lincoln. Immediately I was drawn to their beautifully original stationery designs and taking a closer look they had just what I was looking for – some very cute Alice in Wonderland inspired ‘Drink Me’ labels for our reception drinks. I just had to have them so I contacted Rowena, the leader of the Crafty Pagan pack, and made an order there and then. I fell in love with our ‘Drink Me’  labels as soon as they arrived, with their vintage look and rich plum ribbon they match our wedding invitations and other stationery perfectly!

With their great products and service, I am very pleased to present to you Crafty Pagan and their adorable designs. You can find the Crafty Pagan Etsy shop entrance here. Whether it’s a twee vintage look that you are going for, a Halloween theme, Alice in Wonderland or something that simply reflects you as a soon to be married couple then Crafty Pagan will certainly offer you something perfectly suited to your needs. Here is what owner, Rowena, shared with me about her business…

I’ve always been very creative and once I had my little boy I began working for some stamp companies designing cards etc for them. My blog where I showcase this work can be found here. I began amounting a lot of work and eventually opened up an etsy shop. Most of my first sales were my luxury cards which I do still sell here as and when they are made for design team showcase projects.


Things then branched out as I took my love of Alice in Wonderland and began making items for Wonderland themed weddings…after a time my husband began working full time with me on our etsy shop and it is wonderful to be able to do it together! It’s also super hard work and we usually work 60 hours week at the very least.

A selection of my favourite pieces from Crafty Pagan’s unusual Alice in Wonderland range




My inspiration comes from all sorts of places, the world around us, history, nature, fashion and customers. Some of my favourite designs came into being from a request from a customer! We absolutely love working with customers all over the world, and indeed most of our customers are in the US, despite us being in the UK but I think we have now shipped just about everywhere! 

Just a selection of my favourite pieces of the Crafty Pagan stationery ranges. All are handmade to order and colours and ribbons are able to be tailored to your wedding’s colour scheme. I absolutely adore them!

Laura x



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