There is a way to keep your bouquet!

9 Jul

Flowers add a lot of beauty and elegance to your wedding day. No matter what your style of wedding – modern or traditional there will always be flowers to suit your day. The majority of brides, whether having a contemporary wedding or something more classic will carry a bouquet. The groom and bridal party will wear a button hole to compliment the bride’s bouquet and the venue will be dotted with beautiful arrangements to emphasise the colour scheme and to add that little extra ‘je ne sais quoi.’

As destination and ‘alternative’ weddings are becoming more popular some brides prefer a more unique type of bouquet such as a brooch or button bouquet. Something that will not get damaged in transit to a destination wedding for example. Some brides are simply opting for something that they can keep as a keepsake from their special day as the consensus is that floral bouquets spoil and have to be thrown away.

With wedding bouquet preservation specialists Precious Petals, this is not the case! I first heard about Precious Petals when my mum organised for my sister in law’s bouquet to be preserved after her wedding to my brother in 2007. Since then it has always been something that I’ve kept in mind for my wedding day – I wasn’t engaged back then so didn’t need to think about it! Now our big day is fast approaching us on the other hand, I have chosen to go with a traditional floral arrangement for my wedding day and my mum has already been in touch with Precious Petals to organise the preservation of my bouquet. I know I have the wedding and honeymoon to come yet but I just can’t wait to hang up my bouquet and Tom’s button hole pride of place in our living room.

Just a few examples of Precious Petals’ work

Flowers can be dried three dimensionally or pressed, preserved in acrylic cases and even made into paperweights! You can have your flowers incorporated into your framed wedding photographs or alternatively arrange for your parents/grooms/bridesmaids flowers to be preserved as a surprise. The list goes on.

Precious Petals’ prices include collection of your bouquet from anywhere in the UK. Upon arrival of your bouquet it is then preserved and made into your chosen design to keep for years to come.

I really do think that this is such a great idea and is the perfect option for those brides who are reluctant to buy a floral bouquet for fear of throwing it away after the wedding day. For more information about Precious Petals and their services/prices click here.

Laura x 




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