A feast for the eyes – Introducing… I am Nat

13 Jul

When we first started looking for our wedding stationery we always knew that we wanted something a bit different to the norm and we definitely found it. In fact, this has been the part of the wedding that my fiance Tom has had the most input in, he was very excited about finding the right invitations to reflect our personalities and the colour scheme and feel of our wedding was decided on by our beautiful invitations. There are so many amazing possibilities when it comes to your stationery. Whether you go for DIY, letterpress, digitally printed, or handmade, whatever you choose gives your guests that first impression of your wedding.

To brighten up what is has turned out to be quite a dull day outside I would love to introduce to you the adorable and extremely talented I am Nat who, in her very modest words, makes ‘stuff look pretty.’ I discovered Natalie’s via the medium that is Twitter and have since been a follower of her stunning work. So charming and original, I love it!


I always find it a bit difficult to put a label on my style because I’ve had it described to me in so many ways, from retro and quirky to pretty and enchanting.

A lot of my inspiration comes from hours of internet browsing through blogs, image sites and so on, although more recently I have discovered the importance of stepping away from the screen and getting out into the world…going to gigs or on mini adventures – it all oozes inspiration. My main influence though has got to be the couples I work with, they all have such amazing ideas and it is so satisfying to bring their ideas to life.
The best thing about what I do? I get to wake up and design everyday, it’s my dream job and I’m doing it. I make more than wedding stationery, I am actually currently working on the designs for the promotional material for a chain of nightclubs. If it’s design related, I want to do it.
Lately, as well as wedding stationery, I’ve been designing greetings cards, business stationery and also stationery for the likes of parties and even funerals, ooh and I’ve also been doing the branding for a few businesses, which will be up on my site soon!
I’ll let you into a bit of an exclusive too – I am in the process of setting up a Not on the High Street shop 😉
Such cuteness right there! Thank you to Natalie and a huge ‘GOOD LUCK’ with your Not on the High Street venture. One of my favourite stationers on a one stop shop for all other things wedding, what more could a girl wish for?
Laura x

One Response to “A feast for the eyes – Introducing… I am Nat”

  1. Laura May Briant July 14, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    They are stunning! 🙂

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