A sad few days in the UK

9 Aug

Words cannot even begin to describe how I am feeling right now. Over the past couple of days I have experienced feelings of intense hatred, anger, sadness and pure disregard for the human race. I have caught myself thinking “if these thugs are the future of this country then what hope do we have for the future?”

This evening however, I have had to remind myself that it is the majority of people across the UK who will be suffering the same emotions as myself and only a small minority (in the grand scheme of things) are condoning and commiting these horrific acts of pure hooliganism. I cannot even begin to imagine how the innocent people caught up in the violence are coping with what is going on around them.

I am not going to get into the politics of it – the ‘why’s,’ the ‘what aren’t being dones’ and the ‘what should be dones’ – that is not why I have written this post. I know my words don’t mean much at all taking into account the huge scale of the devestation but I sincerley hope that people take care of themselves and each other until this awful situation passes. Stay safe people and let us hope that these animals are contained before much more unnecessary damage is done.

Laura x


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