Tales of an Off Duty Wedding Photographer

20 Aug

Today I have a very different guest post from the fabulous bride to be Laura Babb, also knows as Babb Photography. When Laura contacted me about this I was intrigued and excited about featuring something more out of the ordinary, that I’m sure many of us wonder – how a wedding photographer sees a wedding from a guest’s point of view. The lovely lady herself explains…

When you’re paid to photograph a wedding or you have a duty to the couple to get the shots that they want and to record the day from their perspective and that of their nearest and dearest.  There are certain things and parts of the day that you need to capture, what ever your photography style. 

 As an off duty photographer, however, you can photograph the little things that capture your attention and mess around a bit and I decided to do just this at Pete and Alison’s wedding. 

 I shot all of these pictures on a 35mm film camera, with a fixed focal length lens.  For those not familiar with photography jargon, with a fixed lens you can’t zoom in and out unless you physically move yourself closer to or further away from your subject (if you want to know why this is a good thing, whilst fixed focal length lenses are less flexible than a zoom, they’re usually of better optical quality and often work better in low light situations).

 Sorry, we digress a bit and I’ve started sounding like a camera nerd….


 Anyway,  with Pete and Alison’s wedding I took photographs as and when something interested me, rather than being constantly ‘on’ and recording as much details as possible, as I would if I was working.

 I thought it might be interesting for Bonfire Night Bride readers to see the sort of thing an off duty wedding photographer might photograph.  Grooms men (my own husband to be) stroking cats and going to the loo, mainly! 


 I love the quality of film.  It really does bring a depth to images that digital can’t replicate and it was wonderful to be able to work in film at Pete and Alison’s wedding and photograph some of the moments that would never make it into a wedding album (yes, that toilet shot!).

Have to say Laura, I love the toilet shot! I would be more than willing to include it in our wedding album but that might just be mine and my fiance’s ‘not taking anything very seriously’ personality shining through! Thank you for such an unusual submission Laura, it’s great to see such a different take on wedding photography.

If you’d like to read more about Laura and her work you can visit her blog here.

Laura x


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