Sheena Holland – Striking Vintage Bridal Headwear

23 Aug

Whilst searching for inspiration for my bridesmaid’s hair adornment I came across Sheena Holland and I instantly fell in love. Such unique, original ideas made to make a real impact.

The ‘Original Feather Headband creator,’ Sheena started out as a sculptress in London for 16 years also dabbling in the art of floral tiaras for brides however, upon finding that the floristry pieces didn’t last very long she took a whole new approach to her work by ‘adding a touch of nostalgia to the bridal arena.’

Photography by Triona Doyle

 Sheena explains…

I started making pieces for fashion and then the work evolved into bridal as more and more clients asked for one off headpieces. My inspiration is drawn from fashion, colours in nature and my own desire to create something I haven’t seen before. My first designs were the Feather Headband pad on a headband with antique jewellery attached to it, which I’m flattered to say is now in almost every fashion style shop throughout the world. It hurt at first to have my work copied, but now I see it as a successful idea I had and an idea that was accepted by many women.

 I am a lover of antique and creative arts. I enjoy looking at art and walking in Derbyshire and my other passions are film and fashion. My studio is based in Derbyshire and my work is handmade antique and vintage headwear for clients with a bespoke and ready to buy nature.

I prefer using older pieces. Meeting a lot of ‘vintage inspired work’ on my travels sometimes it’s nice to see an antique (pre 1920’s) piece of jewellery, make it into a headband or jewellery and know that it had a life before I reconstructed it and made it into something a modern fashion lover lady would like to wear.

As an expert in the field of bridal accessories, when it comes to choosing your head wear for your special day Sheena suggests to go for the dress of your dreams before anything else…

then match the colours of the dress to a headband and choose what style you like best, what texture you want to add and remember that your face will be the most looked at face on the day so try and choose a bridal accessory that suits your skin tone.

Alongside her website of wonders, Sheena is launching The Emporium today! A showcase of other amazingly talented designers – a one stop shop for stunning vintage inspired pieces of all kinds.

The gorgeous painting above along with these fabulous necklaces are just a few of the one off vintage inspired pieces that can be found in Sheena’s Emporium. Head over to see more original creations from an array of fabulous jewellery designers and artists.

Laura x


One Response to “Sheena Holland – Striking Vintage Bridal Headwear”

  1. anna and the ring August 27, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    Adore her work. It’s just too pretty!

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