Wedding Veils – What options are there and how do you choose?

26 Aug

For most girls the only time they will wear a veil is their wedding day so a veil can be such an unknown item – they don’t know what they will look like in one – or in fact anything about them.

The first time they come across a veil is a jaded sample they try on in the wedding dress shop – which can be off putting at the least!! The shops only have,for obvious reasons, “set sizes” to try on. The shop’s main business is to get you organised with your dress and the veil is an extra item, an addition, an accessory even. So the veil can be a secondary decision at the beginning of the bride’s search- something that they can’t think about at that time as their dress, quite rightly, is their main concern.

So, in my experience I have found that brides tend to leave their veil until the last minute- thinking they might or might not want one then they go for their first dress fitting 8 weeks before the big day, try a veil on again and then decide “yes,” in fact they want a veil. They see the options and then either, think they are too expensive, not the right one, or are just disappointed with the choices the shop has. SO the big hunt is on for “The Veil” and where do they look – the internet.

Now how on earth can you choose something from a website for THE most important day of your life?

When I started Dream Veils I never imagined that my little company would finish up being an international internet based company. I can only explain so much about the veils I make so obviously photos would be the best way to show the veils. I made up the first samples and used my daughter Emma as my “Corporate” model which she still is today, then as time went by and brides sent me photos of themselves on their big day in their veils. I put them on the site so that other girls would get ideas and examples of all the different ways that girls had worn their veils and the looks they achieved.

These photographs of real brides are invaluable particularly in the case of birdcage veils where I make all the same ones but each bride wears and dresses them differently… I digress….

So to start your search for “The Perfect Veil” look around the internet at all the photos that are around until you get an idea of what you want and the look you want.

I personally make all my veils as “one offs,” they are custom made to the brides order and yes you can have exactly what you want! However, in order to know what to wear on your wedding day you do need to know where to start. I think that are 4 main things to decide upon: 

  1. The length                                        
  2. Single or double layered
  3. Which edge (if any)
  4. The fabric

The length

Do you want a tiny short veil just to reach the nape of your neck or a long veil that covers the train of your dress? The picture below shows you the options available to you when it comes to lengths for your veil.


A single layer or double layered veil

A single layer hasn’t got that portion that covers your face when you walk down the aisle. If you would like this then straight away you know you need a two layered veil.


The usual edges are a pencil or fine edged stitch, a satin bound edge or just a cut edge. I make other edges too – curly, crystalledcrystal drop, mantilla and lace and rattail cord.     


There are a few different fabrics that veils can be made of but the main two are Nylon tulle or pure silk. The problem being that a veil is very wide and you therefore need fabric which is manufactured very wide- which tulle is (around 2 and half metres to 3 metres in some cases) silk tulle is made around 70″ so isn’t so wide so therefore won’t make a very big full bouffant like veil. Chiffon and organza is not made very wide so isn’t really an option to be used to make veils – however I am still searching!

Once you have made a decision on these main points – you then have options of   —embellishments – e.g. crystal or pearl additions either all over the veil or to the edges, different cuts of the veil e.g. cascade cut or angel cut and then the gathering on the comb – e.g. part gathered, fully gathered or completely flat on the comb with no gathers at all.

There are lots of companies out there on the internet in different countries who make veils along these basic lines, with slight differences, for instance some make their two layered veils as two single layers sewn together onto the comb-some make three layered- so just have a good browse around.

Once you know the options out there that are available to you (and you can understand what they are) you can make your decision and buy the veil that will make you into a real fairytale bride.

Just always remember – your veil should enhance the dress and not overwhelm it.

Happy hunting.

Margaret Byrne


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