Guest Post -Thoughts of a Bride to Be

30 Aug

 Image courtesy of Circle Squared

Before you start with all the planning and fancy bits, the first step is the date. Of course it gives you something to aim towards but it also helps choose the colour scheme, the venue, the flowers depending on what’s seasonal and everything else in between.

Miss Bonfire Night Bride (or Pops as I know her) and I are having completely different weddings. Of course there’ll be a posh dress, a groom dressed to the nines in a shiny new suit, lots of dancing and a whole lotta love. But the most strikingly obvious difference between us is when we’ll say ‘I do’/’I will’/whatever other consenting term you can come up with.

We chose to have a summer wedding. Well I say chose, I don’t think it ever really really occurred to us to have it any other way. I’ve always wanted a summer wedding in 2012 for as long as I’ve known how old I’d be then so it was pretty much sorted before we’d even begun. The date also completely sidesteps the Premier League, Euro 2012, Wimbledon and, the 2012 biggie, the Olympics. Mr DW wouldn’t be able to marry in peace wondering whether Liverpool or Scunthorpe United were losing and, to be honest, I would have been just as bad. I’m the girliest girl in the world at times, but put me in front of a football match and I have been known to turn into a little bit of a hooligan. *shame face*

I’ve always joked that if it rained on my wedding day, I wouldn’t turn up. But now it’s becoming a very real possibility – have we actually had a summer this year? – I’m embracing it. I’m turning into a massive sucker for brides carrying umbrellas. Who’d have thought it?

And as a summer nights bride – I feel an overwhelming urge to sing a bit of ‘Grease’ to you – I have to admit that I adore winter weddings. Sometimes so much so, that I’m actually a bit jealous of Pops and her impending bonfire night big day. It’s a complete turnaround because a year or so ago, I wouldn’t have been able to think of anything worse.

That feeling when you wake up on a winters morning. It’s freezing but it’s bright sunshine. Everything looks like it’s been covered in glitter and things crunch under your feet as you walk. What could possibly be more romantic than the world bringing it’s very own sparkle to your wedding? Yes, told you I could be the girliest girl in the world. Brides wading through piles of snow in white wellies, christmas decorations, fairy lights, cosy fireplaces.

But then again I’m in love with the idea of ‘English country garden in full bloom’ photos at my venue. I love not having to think about a jacket to go with my dress or worrying whether the bridesmaids will get cold. I love being able to optimistically plan reception drinks outside with a gorgeous view of Canterbury Cathedral.

And really, what makes each wedding different is not anything to do with the date or the weather but that injection of personality that each bride and groom puts into their own days. It’s the heartfelt readings and speeches or the DIY bunting but above all else, it’s the people that matter. When you’ve got the right combination you could be getting married on any day and anywhere because you’ll be so caught up in the moment that everything else simply feels like an extra.

You can read more about Rachel and the run up to her big day on her fab blog, The Confetti Diaries.

Laura x


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