Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like a Tattoo – Fiona & Liam

2 Sep

I absolutely adore tattoos. Especially tattoos with meaning, so much so that Tom and I are planning on some sort of ink fest on our NYC honeymoon! It is for this reason that Fiona & Liam’s gorgeous engagement shoot by fab Camden photographer, Laura Babb, is perfect in my eyes in every way. Liam tells all about his & Fiona’s day…

Fiona and I have been together for about a year and a half, and in January this year we decided that we would like to get married. I say “we decided” as before meeting each other marriage really wasn’t on the cards or in the thoughts of either of us.

The decision to get married was the easy bit… I then had to plan and pull off the proposal. Funny way round of doing things I know but I really wanted to ask Fiona to marry me properly. I decided to cook Beef Wellington, the dish I cooked on our first proper date as she had mentioned it was her favourite.

Date night was on, the Wellington was in the oven, the wine was on the table, all was going well. Trying not to show I was feeling a little nervous as I had never asked anyone such a big question before, I served dinner. We had just started eating I had moved the vintage family ring from my pocket into my hand then some words from Fiona that I really didn’t want to hear “If you’re not going to propose tonight you’re going to find it hard to top this”.

Well that certainly took the element of surprise out of the evening. I tried to regain some composure, managed to get down onto one knee before the tears started “Will you make me happy for the rest of my life? Fiona McRobie will you marry me?” then the best word said with tears running down her face “Yes”.

We decided to have a pre and post wedding shoot as Laura Babb, the photographer we wanted to work with, is unable to make it up to Grimsby for our wedding and also we get some cool photo’s to show everyone before we head up north.

For the engagement shoot we headed over to Brockwell park on a Sunday morning as we both like the park and we could have a play on the bikes too. It just so happened that we had planned to go to our friends in the afternoon for a bbq and tattoo party so we rolled the whole day into one big pre wedding photo shoot, and I think it worked really well and was a very fun day.

Before our shoot with Laura, I did start by poking a little bit of fun at some engagement photos that I’d seen… Fiona’s shown me lots! But after meeting Laura and having lots of fun in the park having our pictures taken…I’ve decided they are kind of cool.

A perfect end to a fab day 🙂 I will definitely be showing my other half your shoot as I’ve been trying to talk him into one but he has the same problem as you did Liam! hehe. A massive congratulations to you both!
Fiona also writes a great blog where she shares with us things she loves and of course, her wedding planning – The Corner of the Internet I Call Home.
Laura x

2 Responses to “Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like a Tattoo – Fiona & Liam”

  1. Fiona September 5, 2011 at 11:18 am #

    Thank you for sharing our engagement shoot – our wedding was this weekend and it was truly wonderful!

    • BonfireNightBride September 6, 2011 at 2:12 am #

      Oh wow Fiona, I didn’t realise your wedding was so soon!! CONGRATULATIONS to you both, hope you had an amazing day! I hope you’ll be sharing some pics with us 🙂

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