Bride to Be: Laura

5 Sep

The wedding world is so vast and varied that it’s always great to meet other brides to be. Hearing their stories is something I love and so it is a pleasure to introduce to you the lovely Laura, a bride to be taking the plunge in February 2012.

How did you meet and when did you know he was ‘the one?’

We first met one Saturday night in December 1999 at 2am in a rock club, I was 17 and he was 18. We’d both been going there for years but had never come across each other before despite later discovering we had a fair few mutual friends. We bumped into each again other the next Saturday in the same club and we’ve hardly been apart ever since. The week after our second meeting, he made the 13 mile drive over to see me one evening after I’d spent the day in a pub celebrating finishing school for the Christmas holidays and at my insistence he stayed round till the early hours to meet my Dad. I don’t really remember realising he was ‘the one’ it just always felt right with him. Eurgh, pass the sick bucket.

Was the proposal everything you’d dreamed it would be?

I don’t think I ever envisaged a particular scenario for the proposal, in fact I didn’t really think it’d ever happen. I’d harangued him for years about getting married and finally given in, accepting that you didn’t have to get married, after all we had a house together and a 10 year relationship, who needed marriage on top of that? Then the day after our best friends got married as we left the hotel I said “so, has all that changed your mind?” I knew he’d say no, he categorically didn’t want to get married, owning a house was enough for him… “well, I was going to say now theirs is done, shall we get on with planning our own?” I was so taken aback I said no then immediately retracted it and said yes.

When and where is the big day?

With both our birthdays in February we knew it had to be that month and after a few weeks of deliberation about the date we eventually settled on Friday 10th February 2012 and chose a city centre hotel in Chester.

Do you have a style in mind for your wedding?

We didn’t set out a particular style in mind as such it was more about whatever we like the look of and seems to say “us” but as the planning process has gone on we seem to be creating a fairly traditional wedding but with a few quirky touches, here and there. We (the royal we) settled on a black and purple colour scheme early on and so we’re incorporating those colours in the stationery, dresses, suits, flowers, decorations etc. One of our favourite things to do together is go on mini adventures in the car, last year we drove from one coast in England to the opposite coast just for something to do, we drove there, turned round and came home so amongst other personalised details we’ve settled on table names relating to our escapades.

Are you having bridesmaids?

Yes, my best friend from school who I was bridesmaid for last year is my Chief Bridesmaid and has been a brilliant sounding board for all my secret plans that Ian can’t know about and one of my sisters is going to be my other bridesmaid.

What have you enjoyed the most about wedding planning so far?

We really enjoyed viewing potential venues, we’re both pretty nosey so venue viewing was an ideal activity for us. Also, it’s been nice in general to plan things together as a couple, with equal in put from myself and from Ian. I’m beginning to wonder what we’ll talk about after the wedding! We’re both incredibly indecisive, we could umm and ahh over things for months before deciding on anything, even something as basic as what to have for dinner can become an hour long debate so a lot of wedding decisions have involved hours of deliberating, but it’s been fun all the same. I’ve found rambling about the process on my blog quite therapeutic also it saves me boring friends and family too much and I think it’ll be something nice to look back on once everything is over.

Have you encountered any problems?

There’s a fair bit of family politics on my side to deal with which has the potential to give me a headache but other than that, so far the only real problem we’ve come up against is the guest list, it’s been really hard to decide who to invite as our numbers are pretty tight but we want our day to be about including the people who are important to us, whoever they are. Oh and we’ve spent months trying to find a suit in the style we like which will fit my incredibly slim brother, there just aren’t enough suit hire companies with short jacket styles for the more slender chap. In fact, this is an area where we’re having to learn to compromise and settle for something we might not have chosen if budget were no option.

Have you discovered THE dress?

Dress shopping wasn’t what I’d thought it’d be, I had visions of it being like an American film from the late 80s, all giggles and twirling around in dress after dress but in reality it was much more arduous than that and I tried on a lot of dresses which just weren’t right and that can made the experience disheartening. The dress I eventually settled on was one I only tried on to humour my Chief Bridesmaid who picked it off the rail and said “try that on, it’ll be hilarious…” I came out of the fitting room in it and her face dropped, it wasn’t so funny when it was off the hanger and on me, it just goes to show, try on every style, you might surprise yourself.

That said, even a year after buying it, I keep seeing dresses I think I like more than the one I’ve bought but I’m sure on the day everything will be just right. Only this week I fell in love with a stripey Ian Stuart creation but I figure you could spend years looking for the dress and in the end you just have to bite the bullet and buy one.

Keeping my entire outfit secret from Ian has been so very hard. I usually tell him everything so to come home from shopping and have to remain tight lipped has been killing me but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it in the end and he’ll like what I’ve picked and if he doesn’t, well then that’s just tough.

Do you have any other suppliers booked? If so, who?

We’ve got most things we need booked. The florist and photographer are small businesses local to the venue and that was important to us, along with them having the sort of attitude we felt we could work with, if we didn’t feel like we clicked with them on the first meeting then they were immediately off our list, for a day as important to us as this is, we need people we really like and who understand our vision of the day. Our stationery supplier is also booked, a local company called Tatty Lashes, they’ve been more helpful than I could ever have wished for and have put up with the umpteen changes and requests for samples with excellent humour.

Our favours are from a shop we discovered one day when we decided to get in the car and see where we ended up which just so happened to be a 200 mile round trip to the Peak District that we’ve repeated many times since.

What are your hopes for the future as Mr & Mrs?

I know it sounds basic but I’d love for us to stay as happy and as close as we are right now, I’m hoping (maybe naively) that being married won’t change anything other than strengthen the bond we’ve got, we’re best friends already and I think things can only get better. Oh and I’d like to think we’ll be going on a lot more mini adventures, perhaps we can turn our honeymoon into one.

Do you have any advice for other future brides?

  • Do your research and remember you don’t have to take the first price offered to you by suppliers. If you’re up front about your budget and realistic about what you can get for your money then you’ll find they’ll be a lot more flexible with you.
  • Your wedding is about both of you, if something is right for you, do it. Just because Great Aunt Mabel may turn her nose up at the thought of bridesmaids all in black doesn’t mean you have to rethink your colour scheme, as long as you’re happy then do what pleases you.
  • Finally, don’t get carried away with what you think you ought to have, focus on what you actually want, if floral centre pieces aren’t your thing, you don’t *have* to have them just because a florist or a wedding magazine says so.

If you would like to follow Laura’s thoughts and feelings in the run up to her big day in more detail you can read her personal blog –

Thank you Laura, I totally feel your pain when it comes to keeping your bridal attire a secret. I’ve had to give in to a certain extent and have already shown Tom my shoes! I hope you will be sharing a few of your wedding pics with us!

If you are a bride to be and would like to share your story with Bonfire Night Bride please get in touch!

Laura x


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